Responsible biodiversity use

For encouraging better handling of biodiversity, we have worked in our chain of value to avoid possible risks of exhaustion and/or extinction of species, of pollution generated by production and illegal extraction.

One of the focus of our actions are fishing resources. To that effect, we adopted some practices in the management of our chain, implemented across all units of the Group:

Not trading species in possible risk of extinction, even with authorization from legislation;

Not trading fish during the prohibited periods (periods of reproduction and higher growth rates) and below the minimum size required by the responsible agencies;

Respecting legislation, demanding all suppliers to have the certificate of origin of fish and comply with legislation issued by the overseeing agencies;

Stimulating consumption of less known species through communication and awareness actions for our customers, for diversifying the demand, thus reducing the impact concentrated in just a few species;

Encouraging consumption of products with external certification (ASC, MSC, Dolphin Safe ).

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