Diversity and Inclusion

We believe in the importance of promoting inclusion and diversity in all its forms. To further this goal, we have robust programs and supporting organizations that help us think about how to better protect the rights of all people regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, background, race, skin color, physical ability, religion, marital status, nationality, gender identity, or any other identity attribute, family situation, or any other condition.

*Numbers referring to the year 2021

We offer opportunities to all those who want to put their talent to valuable use, and with the help of our dedicated team, we provide the best shopping experience for our customers each day, cultivate enduring and virtuous relationships with our partners and deliver positive impact on our communities and stakeholders.

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In the past few years, we have identified five key priorities to focus on in our policies and processes for protecting the rights of, respecting, valuing and providing equal treatment to all people. These priorities are:

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To drive engagement and the workplace changes needed to pursue our racial diversity and inclusion goals, in 2018 we created GPA Madiba, our racial equity affinity group. The name was chosen in honor of Nelson Mandela, the famed South African known for his efforts towards racial equality. The group’s scope of action includes initiatives to attract, retain, develop, engage, train, and raise awareness among our employees on the issue of race. We have also invested in other important initiatives such as our first internship program for black youth and our Black Development Program for employees, created in partnership with Zumbi dos Palmares University.



In 2018 we created the GPA LGBTQIA+ Pride affinity group to support our related efforts. The group’s mission is to raise awareness about the LGBTQIA+ community and help to attract, develop and retain LGBTQIA+ talent through affirmative-action and awareness-raising efforts. This is helping us to create a welcoming and discrimination-free environment across the value chain (including customers, employees, suppliers, etc.). LGBTQIA+ rights are also regularly addressed in employee training via the GPA corporate university, as well as in campaigns at Pão de Açúcar stores for external audiences. These efforts illustrate GPA’s commitment to this important issue.



Women representation in leadership has been one of our focus areas since 2014. The number of women in middle management positions and above is among the metrics factored in our Sustainability and Diversity Index (ISD), which in turn is factored in the variable compensation paid for eligible positions.

Our Gender Equity Affinity Group supports efforts to attract, retain and develop talents, and to raise awareness among employees and in our communities about gender equity issues. Our Women Leadership Development Program is another related initiative that teaches female employees the skills needed to meet future career challenges.

We perform monthly assessments to identify potential risks and gender wage gaps for the same roles that are not attributable to wage brackets, length of service, or different positions. We also actively work to combat stereotypes in our brand campaigns, in line with our Marketing Policy, which supports inclusion and diversity.



We have multiple affirmative-action initiatives in place to support the inclusion of people with disabilities in our workforce and to further their careers.

One of these initiatives is “Você + 1 talento”, a recommendation program launched in 2018 that encourages employees to recommend people with disabilities to fill job openings at the company. We also have a partnership with the Jô Clemente Institute, a leading provider of support for individuals with intellectual disabilities and Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The Institute helps us with counseling, training, and the inclusion of people with disabilities in our Apprentice openings in stores, distribution centers, fuel stations, and offices.

Another important program is aimed at newly hired employees with disabilities. This program provides support during their first 90 days of work, helping them to understand the expectations and needs of the company so they can reach their full potential and advance their careers at GPA. We also have a technical cooperation agreement with the National Social Security Institute (INSS) to provide reskilling training to social security beneficiaries at our stores, distribution centers, and offices.



We also value generational diversity in our workforce, hiring both young people and seniors. Our job openings are open to people of all ages, in order to create a workplace environment that is also diverse in experience and worldviews.

One way to join our company is through our Apprentice Program, which offers openings for young people at our stores, distribution centers and corporate offices. This program provides their first exposure to the job market and includes a course focused on personal and professional development, helping them to acquire key skills for their career growth. Another way to start a career at our company is through our Internship Program for corporate roles. University students have the opportunity to learn and work in the retail environment, and also pursue a training pathway for soft skills.

JFor employees over 50 years old, we have created exclusive content for their personal and professional development in our corporate university. Our “Long Live Longevity" channel includes sections on Career & Purpose, Health & Well-being, and Planning & Finances, supporting employees in this stage of life.


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