Social Impact and Creating Opportunities

Our social arm, the GPA Institute, aims to help build a world with more respect and inclusion and less social inequality. To this end, we offer development opportunities to individuals who want to grow and fulfill their purpose in life, while also having a transformative role in society.

We drew inspiration for our efforts from conversations with customers, partners and employees to identify and understand GPA’s social mission and how we can contribute to the communities we interact with.

GPA Institute’s role is to help achieve the Company’s goal of being an agent of change by improving and innovating its business practices to help build a more responsible and inclusive society.


Community mobilization and engagement


Education, training and preparation for the job market



Social agenda

GPA Institute works to build closer engagement between employees, customers, suppliers and charities so they can work together as agents of change. As part of this, we organize collection campaigns in our stores to support our partner charities.

Desafio do Bem (“Challenge for Good”)

In 2021 we created Challenge for Good, a campaign to collect nonperishable food products, personal care and cleaning items at all our stores. The initiative, which was initially launched in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, has continued at our stores throughout Brazil.

Seasonal initiatives

We have also continued our seasonal initiatives, alongside Challenge for Good, a number in partnership with our private label brand Qualitá. These include:

  • Caring at Easter – a campaign to collect chocolate in Compre Bem, Mercado Extra and Pão de Açúcar stores. For every Qualitá chocolate product sold, the brand donates one unit to the benefited organizations.
  • Qualitá World Food Day - a special food donation campaign sponsored by Qualitá.
  • Caring Christmas - a seasonal campaign to collect non-perishable food, hygiene and cleaning supplies, particularly during the holiday season.
Partnership Against Waste

Our "Partnership Against Waste" Program, established in 1995, donates to food banks and charities any fruits and vegetables that are suitable for consumption but not attractive enough for sale to customers.

Learn more about the program
Colabora (Volunteering Program)

Colabora is a Corporate Volunteering Program that connects GPA employees to one-off and ongoing volunteering opportunities offered by charities throughout Brazil. We aim to inspire and engage our employees as agents of change, supporting our commitment to finding smart solutions to problems facing the communities where we operate.

Employees can search for volunteering opportunities using filters such as location, causes, skills, availability, or even projects that allow for remote volunteering.

To sign up, employees can visit and choose the cause that resonates with them the most.


Mãos na Massa (Hands On)

Our Mãos na Massa program works with charities to offer basic bakery and pastry courses to residents near our stores, helping them discover new vocations and enter the job market. The classes teach skills and abilities for preparing basic breads, cakes, and sweets. In addition to the classes, students attend lectures and have the opportunity to get hands-on bakery department experience at Group stores.

Prosperar (“Prosper”)

The Prosperar program provides education grants (including textbooks, housing allowance, transportation allowance, and food allowance) to low-income young people who show high potential for success in Business Administration and Public Administration courses offered in partnership with Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV), and in a Social and Consumer Science course offered in partnership with the School of Advertising and Marketing (ESPM).