Commitment to

ethics and transparency

Ethics and integrity are fundamental pillars that guide our day-to-day activities and our approach to creating a fair and transparent business environment based on respect for laws and regulations


We all believe that, by DOING THE RIGHT THINGS THE RIGHT WAY, we are helping to build a more equitable and solidary society. We recognize that our success depends on our reputation and the trust we build with our customers and business partners.


We have published Annual and Sustainability Reports every year since 1999 to provide transparency around our initiatives and how we are performing against our commitments. These reports provide an account of our initiatives and results each year across the environmental, social and governance aspects. Click here to view the editions from 2008 to 2021.



We are constituents of important corporate indices that track our sustainability performance, including B3’s Corporate Sustainability Index (ISE) and Carbon Efficient Index, and Bloomberg Gender-Equality. We also respond to diversity questionnaires from initiatives such as IERE (Corporate Racial Equality Index); MOVER; Ethos MM360; Ethos REIS (Business Network for Social Inclusion); and the UN Women WEPs Awards.



We are committed to following the regulations and best practices for listed companies, Our corporate governance model is aligned with Novo Mercado governance practices. This is a segment of B3 for companies that adhere to the highest standards of corporate governance in Brazil, which we joined in 2020.

Our Board of Directors and Executive Board have defined roles and responsibilities that are essential for the proper management of the business. We have a solid management structure and a well-structured institutional risk management process.


Ethics & Compliance Program

Our Ethics & Compliance Program aims to build a high-level culture of integrity and ethics in our operations. The program is based on four steps: Prevent, Detect, Respond and Update and Enhance

Learn more about the Program and related initiatives