ABRAS: Brazilian Supermarket Association.


ADR (AMERICAN DEPOSITARY RECEIPT): Share receipt of a non-U.S. company, issued by a bank and held in custody by a U.S. bank; a trading instrument created so that non-U.S. issuers of stock can comply with U.S. security registration standards and regulations, and to make it easier for U.S. investors in these companies to receive dividends.


ANBID: National Association of Investment Banks.


ANDIMA: National Association of Financial Market Institutions.


AGO (ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING): Meeting of shareholders of a company mandatorily called once a year by the board of executive officers or the board of directors.


ASSAÍ: A wholesaler offering competitive prices and exclusive services for business owners and home makers in practical surroundings. The main focus is on bulk shoppers seeking bargain prices, such as restaurants, pizzerias, school canteens, snack bars, bars, hotels and convenience stores, as well as savory pastry makers, hot dog outlets and other small businesses.


ASSORTMENT: The variety of products offered in the Group’s stores.


AVERAGE TICKET: Net revenue per customer in a given period, arrived at by dividing total product sales in a given period by the number of customers served.