EBITDA: Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization; measures cash flow from the company’s operations before financial charges and accounting debits.


EXTRA-ELETRO: GPA stores specializing in electronics and household appliances.


EXTRA-FÁCIL: GPA neighborhood stores.


EXTRA HIPERMERCADO: GPA hypermarkets. Assortment of around 70,000 items, including food (dry goods and perishables) and non-food (electronics/household appliances, clothing, general merchandise), with areas of 6,000m² in the Hyper format and 3,500m² in the Hyper Compact format.


EXTRA SUPERMERCADO: GPA supermarkets. Stores with an area of around 1,500m², with an assortment of close to 25,000 items, including food (groceries and perishables) and non-food (general merchandise).


AGE (EXTRAORDINARY GENERAL MEETING): Meeting of shareholders of a company called to discuss and resolve on matters of corporate interest, except for those dealt with by the Annual General Meeting (AGO).