Adequate work conditions

With the commitment to ensure transparency in the origin of our products and respecting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labor Declaration on the Fundamental Labor Principles and Rights in our chain of production, we monitor and conduct frequent audits in the facilities of our suppliers. Therefore, we check compliance with legislation and standards regarding the fight against child labor, slavery and slave-like labor conditions.

We are signatories, since 2005, of the Pact for Eradication of Slave Labor. And, since 2011, we have participated in the Brazilian Textile Retail Association (ABVTEX), assuming the commitment to audit and monitor 100% of our chain of textile products, shoes and accessories, in addition to actively participate in work groups and decision-making levels of the entity.

We also conduct, periodically, social audits in our suppliers of our Exclusive Brands (House Brands) and generic brands, whose plants are located in critical countries, for checking compliance with international labor conditions standards and with labor requirements where the plants are located.

Through our controlling shareholder, Casino Group, we are also a member of the Initiative for Compliance and Sustainability (ICS), which structures, since 2008, a program for auditing work conditions in the supplier plants of members of the association.

Depending on the results of audits, we structure specific action plans for each supplier. In case of gross nonconformity, we suspend business relations.