Deforestation fighting

Bovine Beef Social and Environmental Policy

Responsible for the quality and guarantee of the origin of the meat we offer our consumers, we pioneered the publishing of a socioenvironmental policy concerning responsible purchase of beef. The document, built in a partnership with NGO Proforest, has the goal of ensuring transparency in the beef production and supply chain to the last farm prior to slaughter, detailing the steps and the origin.

We count on a traceability system where we monitor our chain of supplies to avoid our products violate standards and legislation in force relative to work conditions and production areas, thus ensuring all meat sold in our stores does not come from illegal deforestation areas. Moreover, since 2018, our meatpacking plants adhere to a geo-monitoring system, which also allows us to check socioenvironmental risks relative to the location of farms.

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Social and Environmental Policy for Purchasing Palm Oil Products

Also regarding deforestation combat, we work to ensure that the extraction of palm oil used in our products is done in a conscious manner and in accordance with legal, environmental and social aspects. To this end, we have established the Palm Oil Policy, which applies to all suppliers of our Exclusive Brands that use palm oil and its derivatives in the composition of food and non-food products, produced in Brazil and abroad.

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