Innovation in Packaging

Another important theme we are paying attention is our packages.

We are analyzing how we pack our products, searching for more sustainable manners.



Check out some of the projects:

Duofresh Packages for manipulated cold cuts – Implemented in Pão de Açúcar stores, they replace the old polystyrene trays for these products, and are formed by kraft paper and polyethylene. By separating the paper film from the plastic and sending it to recycling, there is significant reduction of the environmental impact and a higher recycling rate relative to the old package material (polystyrene), in addition to the paper used being FSC certified, it comes from responsible forest management areas.

Biodegradable fruit and vegetable packaging – We are the first retail company to announce a 100% replacement of polystyrene trays used for fruits and vegetables by a biodegradable solution until May 2020. The new package, found in some products of Exclusive Brands Taeq and Qualitá, is made of cellulose and starch, 100% free of petrochemical products and toxic additives and is completely degraded within six months.

New Again Program –  The program puts back into the production cycle materials that were disposed by customers in the Pão de Açúcar Unilever Recycling Stations in our stores. They are donated to cooperatives that separate them and sell them to a GPA partner plant. This supplier uses the material to make new packages for the Qualitá and Taeq products, Exclusive Brands of the Company.

Reuse #ToBeHappy – The Program provides an incentive for consumers of Pão de Açúcar stores to reduce the use of packages disposed after the first use by selling bulk products in proprietary Pão de Açúcar packages that can be either reused or packages customers can bring from their own homes.